Water Jet Cutting

Among the services provided to our customers, the La Forja company also executes water jet cutting services for the cutting or processing of your projects with abrasive particles without affecting the quality of the materials. This innovative technology is based on the use of energy from the water jet at high pressure, which allows cutting many types of materials, including marble, glass, steel, copper, as well as wood, plastic and rubber.

Some of the advantages of this new technology are – lack of deformations, possibility of cutting three-dimensional shapes and good quality of the cut surface. Since the precision of the water jet machine can reach 0, 01 mm and the maximum dimension of cut material can reach up to 300-1500-200 mm (length x width x thickness), you can achieve your proposed projects effortlessly and with minimum waste of material.

We guarantee the quality of the provided service because using the professional water jet cutting technology, the cut materials will not only have a neat and elegant aspect but will also contain precision and accuracy of forms.

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