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La Forja Partner of BOSCH Romania

Bosch professional equipment, suitable for any activity due to its reliability and endurance in industrial or in the hand tools field, offered in Cluj Napoca by the Bosch dealership owned by La Forja company.

The main purpose of our Bosch dealership is to sell and rent professional and industrial equipment, being, from the very beginning, an important dealer of Robert Bosch company in Romania.

The Bosch Group is one of the largest industrial groups in the private field, being a leading manufacturer in the automotive domain, in industrial technology, consumer goods and also, in constructions. With a 121 years tradition in this field, Bosch owns and maintains one of the largest distribution networks and industrial equipment service in Romania and worldwide.

Constant investments and research activity conducted by the development departments within the Bosch Group led to the improvement and the increased reliability of all the equipment designed, which highly recommends purchasing a Bosch tool for your business.

Bosch quality and tradition is known worldwide, since the beginning of the company and it represents the main concern, being incorporated in the products offered, starting from design and finishing to the construction phase for all equipment.

The group of partners and also the service network provide excellent support to all those who buy Bosch equipment, providing fast and quality service in the event of failure in the tools’ functionality.

La Forja offers its customers a full range of Bosch equipment and tools through the online shop dedicated to Bosch equipment located in Cluj Napoca, where they can be viewed and tested, and if your need is just temporary, we will provide you a quick and cost effective Bosch equipment rental service.

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