Technological Installations

Installations and Technological stainless steel Networks for the food and pharmaceutical industry


Our technological installations and networks offer contains from the simple benchmark components’ execution to the complete fulfillment of the fluids’ circulation networks using AISI304 stainless steel or the AISI316 stainless steel brand with jacket pipes.

Taking into account the economy’s requirements referring to diversity,  manufacturing output at a high technological level, products’ special quality and the fact that these services are in a continuously developing process, our company tries through specific UE methods to ensure a solid support for its partners.

Our slogan is Prompt Reaction, Flexibility, and Increase of the Production Quality, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients at a European-standard level.

This way, we managed to bring the production capacity up to the GMP approved standard, thing that offers the possibility of manufacturing systems for the Food Industry at the highest-quality level, transitioning to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

By using the Welding and Orbital Cutting technique with the help of the high-tech equipment that employs inclusively the aerospace, nuclear, petrochemical fields, we came to the ability to execute PIPES NETWORKS for FLUIDS or GASES TRANSPORTATION that serve the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Through Logistic and IT support, lined up with European standards, our company, with the help of the projecting department, offers its partners the possibility to execute personalized projects, in conformity with the European Union’s requirements.

There are two available operating modes through which our company participates in the execution of fluids circulation systems:

Based on the indications and schemes agreed upon together with the beneficiary.

By sending specialized workers that will subordinate to the beneficiary firm’s specialists, ensuring the manual labor.

To satisfy the clients’ demands and to increase the trust of our partners, Ltd. La Forja is at the final stage of the implementation process of the Production Quality Management System based on ISO 9001/2001, a solution that offers a European standard of our services and products.

With appreciation for its partners,

La Forja team


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