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La Forja Company executes metallic custom-made works, depending on your wishes and the design chosen by you.

For us, your opinion counts. We look forward to your suggestions, opinions, feedback, questions!

Client: I saw on your company’s website that you have and manufacture wrought iron furniture and gates. What is forging more exactly? Is it a procedure of bending metal as in the case of tables and chairs in the wrought iron section?

La Forja: It is the procedure of hot forging a blank metal. You are right about the tables and chairs, bending metal, hammering and pressing the heads being also part of the forging procedure, but in the process of forging, the gate tops and ornaments are also manufactured. In general, forging includes hammering, bending and twisting of metallic components.

This is the first metallurgic process invented before casting, rolling and other techniques. The first thing the primitive man did when he discovered that the hot metal is malleable was to hit the piece of metal for changing its shape according to his purpose. In the meantime, forging was perfected and, today, along with molding, it represents the basic process for making furniture and the artistic wrought or brass gates.

Client: I have been looking over your furniture pieces, and I have a curiosity, so to speak. Do you manufacture only the ones presented or other various custom-made models? For example, if I have a piece of designer furniture, can other pieces be made based on it?

La Forja: For sure. The models that we present are for presentation purposes, we can make any model or we can modify the ones we have according to our client’s desire.

Client: It is said on the website, that the stainless steel line and technic line divisions are a novelty for your company. I understand that you have not done that before? How can I trust your professionalism if you have just started?

La Forja: We understand your mistrust, but although we have manufactured more “artistic” ironworks until now, we had enough “technical” orders, as well. Although we were a wrought iron furniture, fences, and railings production company, we manufactured works included in these new “Stainless Steel line” and “Technical line” divisions, which is why these divisions are now separated and developed, for us to inform potential clients of our full range of products and services that our company has to offer.

Client: Hello, I have had a work done with your company some time ago, and I still need something, that is why I have accessed your website. I see that now you make several kinds of works. I also saw this forum, so I remembered that I have a complaint to make, regarding the gate that I have from you. Rust begins to appear on several parts, and I think in time it will start showing more. If needed, can you have those areas painted again?

La Forja: Hello sir…Indeed, at the beginning our company’s activity, we had some problems caused by the quality of the paints. But in the meantime, we changed the suppliers, and now, the products that we use stand to the highest European standards in the field and are produced in the European Union. About solving the problems, we can inform you about the following: -if the warranty period of the paint used has not expired, repainting will be done free of charge; – if the warranty period of the applied paint has expired, you would have to pay a moderate price for the restoration of the affected areas or for repainting the gate.

Client: I have read the messages posted before and I have to say that I had a pretty big work done by your company, but unlike Mr.….. I have no problems with them. It is true that time alters everything, and we can’t stop the rain from falling and the wind from blowing, and in the end, any paint will at some point suffer damage, a pretty normal thing as a matter of fact. I am more than satisfied, especially because I have a lot of envious neighbors that would love to have some fences like mine, so, I definitely recommend La Forja.

In fact, I’m visiting your website because I would need a set of table with chairs, but I was surprised to see that you currently manufacture more types of work, and I was really interested in building a production hall, because I want to expand my business, so I will probably contact you, most probably before you even have the chance to read my message. I wish you good luck, lots of work done and keep up with maintaining the high standards.

La Forja: We, La Forja team, would like to thank you and we are glad to hear that our efforts are successfully recognized and we will try not only to maintain the same level of quality as we did by now but to evolve to the highest rank. Regarding the hall, you can come by the company anytime, in order to establish in detail the technical specifications.

Client: I have seen here satisfied and unsatisfied clients. I also have some railings made by you, and the only negative thing I can say is that you were a few days late with the works. However, this fact did not bother me too much, and maybe we will collaborate in the future.

La Forja: Unfortunately, such things can happen. These happen either due to the suppliers, because if they don’t have certain supplies in stock, we have to wait until they bring them or due to the weather. A fence, a gate, an exterior railing cannot be painted in the rain. And if it rains for a whole week, we will be on hold as well. Although we have no influence over these situations, we apologize and hope that these unpleasant events will be increasingly rare or will be avoided completely.

Client: Do you also produce large sized tanks? I have not seen pictures with larger tanks and I would be interested. And another curiosity, you design the fluid containers or just ensure the execution?

La Forja: We do not produce large sized or thick-walled tanks because our bending sheet metal equipment does not allow us yet, but we can provide the professional cutting and welding in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum for any type of containers. As for the fluid transfer installations, we do not execute design projects, we just manufacture the installations based upon the existing works or we provide teams of specialists who, under the guidance of competent people from the beneficiary’s side, will provide the necessary labor for manufacturing the installations.

Client: I have accessed your company’s website at the recommendation of a friend who was very excited with the fences and gates that you manufactured for him. I was expecting to find a website dedicated exclusively to fences and pieces of furniture, but I have noticed that you produce various other products and I am very interested. I may soon need some elements of resistance for a club, and from what I have noticed, these are part of your product offer, so considering my friends’ enthusiastic advertisement, it is highly possible I will contact you.

La Forja: Thank you for your indirect assessments (more coming from your friend, actually) and we welcome you whenever you can, in order to get more elements of resistance for as many clubs.

Client: I am interested in some works, but I’m not in Cluj. My question is whether you work only in Cluj, or in other counties as well?

La Forja: In general, we perform works anywhere in Transylvania, and for bigger projects, we can reach the rest of the country, as well.

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