Automatic access systems

Automatic gateway systems


La Forja’s automatic gates division is specialized in the automation of gateways, providing the full automation range in the field of automatic gates and doors throughout its partnership with Ditec, the specialist in automatic entrances. Due to the experience gained in time, we believe we can offer highly complex and reliable automated systems. Whether you are looking for simple automatic doors, automated lids or hatches and all the way to armored doors, gates with sliding systems or self-supporting gates, industrial doors, our company is able to offer you the best solution.

Our specialists are at your disposal with advanced constructive solutions for the production of industrial gateways, as well as garage doors. The closing and opening systems by vertical sliding are specially designed not to affect the useful space around the door, thus eliminating the unused spaces within your buildings and increase the efficiency of the useful space usage.

By using superior quality materials coming from renowned manufacturers in Romania, as well from the European Union, La Forja manufactures and integrates the full range of automatic doors and gates, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction, regardless of your demands.

Our automation offer targets the following uses: automatic systems for residential use, automatic systems for commercial and industrial use, automatic barriers, automatic doors and parking systems.

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