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As Bosch dealership, La Forja offers the entire range of both professional and hand power tools, through our online sale service for the entire range of professional Bosch tools. You can now benefit from the advantages of Bosch professional tools at a fraction of the cost. Rental costs for Bosch tools is very low compared to the benefits that this service has to offer, your team being able to focus on the job and on the customers.

Bosch professional tools are the result of investments and research conducted by the team of specialists, with an experience of 121 years in this field. The indisputable quality of all the equipment and the extensive service and support network recommend using Bosch tools in any situation where you need endurance and power.

If buying Bosch equipment does not justify your needs, or you need them only for a short period of time, we provide you our Bosch tools rental services. The rental service is the best solution because it generates lower costs, eliminating maintenance or even repair costs. An advantage of the rental system provided by our Bosch dealership is that all the professional equipment that we put at your disposal is at its optimum functionality, and your team can focus only at the completion of the works, because all possible defects of rented Bosch tools are immediately fixed by us.

Renting Bosch professional tools in Cluj Napoca is very easy, that is why we invite you to visit our online shop to see the full range of tools that we provide and to test their functionality.

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