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Your interior and exterior design projects will come alive with our creations made out of wrought iron. With the help of the iron elements, La Forja can manufacture any type of wrought iron models, covering a wide range of functional, durable and robust products, even if you opt for a delicate design.

A company with tradition in manufacturing wrought iron objects, La Forja means professionalism, sustainability, and creativity, each and every project we take being customized in our workshop according to your wishes.

La Forja Industries, specifically La Forja Technic line division offers complex projects for industrial works, carbon steel metallic structures, as well as welding, mechanical works, painting and polishing services for industrial use, according to the EU requirements.

Within La Forja Inox line division, we design installations and technological systems for the food and pharmaceutical industry, with a GMT standard production capacity, products used in the nuclear, aerospace and petrochemical fields. The raw materials that we use come from the leading suppliers in Romania and the European Union, and underlie the manufacturing of a great variety of products for the most diverse requirements and needs of our customers.

With our new professional water jet cutting services, namely La Forja Ditec automation, we managed to expand our range of products and services and to successfully cover our customer’s demands in this fields of work.

At La Forja we also offer consulting services, manufacturing, repair, and installation services for our works to perfectly integrate with your style of design, whether it is classic or modern.

For more information regarding La Forja services and products, contact us using the details on our website, on our “Contact” page or visit our La Forja showroom in Cluj-Napoca, where you can convince yourself of the reliability and originality of our wrought iron, carbon steel and stainless steel products.

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