Career opportunity

Career opportunity at La Forja company

We have discovered the joy of being at our clients’ disposal, offering them advice and products of impeccable quality, thus ensuring their satisfaction, as well as our company’s success.

La Forja is an appealing employer considering the complete benefit package offered to its employees, continuous training and information, motivating salary and performance bonuses, all in a pleasant environment, driven by a young team.

A balance between professional and personal life.

We know how important it is for an individual to have balance between the two plans: personal and professional, and that is why we respect them.

The open positions within our team are:

Professional welder

Ironwork locksmith

Unqualified worker


Lathe operator



TESA staff (assistant manager, designing engineer with technical studies degree, foreman, production coordinator)

If you are interested in working in our company, please send your CV to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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